Taking business continuity to the cloud

Most people overlook business continuity until it’s too late. But with the cloud on their side, IT departments and business owners can more easily adopt a strategy to help avert an outage. Here’s how the cloud benefits implementations of business continuity.

Security audits are more crucial than they seem

Security audits are an excellent way to set the benchmark for your company’s data integrity. It is also a reliable way of identifying gaps in your system before hackers can exploit them. Here’s why you need an audit. Auditing and the security strategy Audits are necessary to maintain system integrity and uphold quality.

Business Intelligence is not just for the big boys

Most of us don’t normally associate Business Intelligence (BI) with small- or medium-sized businesses (SMBs). The huge investment required to hire data-delving specialists makes us think BI is only for larger organizations. But this is no longer the case.

How to strengthen your BYOD security

Mobile technology has drastically changed the way we live. As a result, many people have “cut the cord” in their homes and now rely solely on smart devices. Because of this, businesses are now adopting the bring your own device (BYOD)  culture. But BYOD also opens your organization up to cybersecurity risks.

Save energy with these PC tips

When it comes to saving energy, every little bit goes a long way. The more energy-efficient your PC habits, the more money you save. In fact, activating your PC’s power-saving features can save you up to $50 a year. And if you want to increase your savings even more, take note of the following tips.

Twitter Marketing For Business

If you understand how Twitter works, it might do wonders for your business. How can you drive traffic and build your brand using Twitter? With all the marketing noise being made on social media, it could be challenging for some businesses to stand out. So what steps can you take to add to your audience’s […]

BYOD and CYOD: What’s the difference?

Many of us are comfortable using our own computers and devices. This is the reason companies are now offering a bring your own device (BYOD) option. However, there’s a new concept that is also starting to catch on: choose your own device (CYOD). Below is a brief overview of BYOD and CYOD. BYOD This policy […]

Office 365 Connectors: Your apps under one roof

People often have dozens of tabs open in their web browsers to help them with work or catch up on social media. As a result, it’s difficult to keep track of all of them and get the information you need. Office 365 Groups solves this problem with a new feature called Connectors.

How business continuity plans fail

In the event of a disaster, businesses must make sure their servers and data are safe. But simply backing up your data doesn’t guarantee business continuity. Here are the mistakes that companies should avoid when preparing for the worst-case scenario.