About Secure Networks

When your technology isn’t working, your business isn’t either.

I founded Secure Networks in 2005 to provide high level IT services to businesses that value the necessity of technology to their success and profitability. Our clients range from large non-profit firms to medical, legal and professional services firms.

What Sets Us Apart?

We partner with businesses to ensure that your technology investments align with your specific businesses' needs from the ground up. We leverage best in breed automated technology to help you:

  • Protect your business – By reducing risk security breaches
  • Disaster recovery planning and execution
  • Optimize IT systems-- To improve efficiencies and drive costs through processes
  • Empower your employees – Allowing your employees to be more productive

When we work with you, we give you a solid, reliable technology infrastructure, that works for both of us. The less often you need to call on us to help you with virus outbreaks, security issues, and other technical problems, the more time you can spend doing what you do best - running your business.

As a business owner myself,  I understand that investing in things that are not at the core of your business may be a difficult choice to make. But I also know through years of experience, that many businesses under-spend on technology in the short term, just to end up overspending more in the long term because they didn’t make the right investment the first time. We help you make smart technology investments that last a long time and help grow with your business.

IT Services

Kevin MacArthur - President/Owner

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