Secure Networks Training Services

See the highest return on investment by empowering employees to take full advantage of Secure Networks training services.

In many cases, thoroughly learning how to best leverage a new business solution can be difficult for busy employees – particularly when the solution offers a great deal of functionality. Secure Networks Training services offer clients access to customized training tailored to your specific business needs.

What are Training Services?

Secure Networks offers organizations live in person training at your office for the convenience of your employees. Highlights of training Services include:
  • Onsite instructor led training tailored to each organization
  • Customized training provides the maximum learning impact for the organization
  • A significant reduction in employee questions, which frees up administrative resources
  • Course material created specifically for the client, incorporating company-specific business scenarios
  • Published and online training materials that allow employees a quick "look back" at what they have learned

Customizable Training Offers:

Secure Networks Training Services provides companies the flexibility they need to gain the most from their investment. companies can choose the format and topics of their training. Training Services can be customize to the following  formats for Clients.
  • Client interactive engagement – Allows employees to participate, ask questions and bring real life scenarios to the training class
  • Custom Material – development of any customized training material as defined and required by the client
  • Localized Training Material – Provides easy online access for employees to review training material.
  • Onsite instructor led Training – Provides face-to-face interaction
  • Each course is designed to be delivered in 2 one and a half hour sessions. The session will incorporate small but powerful modules to allow for employees to absorb as much information as possible.

Structured Course offerings:

  • Microsoft Office Suite Training – Learn tips and tricks on how to become more efficient with Programs like MS Word, Excel and Power Point
  • Business Communications Training – Understand the power of tools like Outlook, Skype and other programs used in daily communication
  • Cyber Security Training – Give your employees the knowledge of knowing what is out there and how to not only protect themselves but also the organization
  • Corporate Policy Training – Allow Secure Networks to customized a corporate training program designed around your internal IT policy’s. Examples may be Internet Acceptable Usage, Remote Access and Mobile Device Policy’s

The Benefits

With Training Services, companies can:
  • Reduce dependence on administrators to provide training and ongoing support
  • Meet the unique training needs of a distributed workforce
  • Train employees to efficiently use all resources available
  • Create customized training material to meet specific organizational needs
  • Increase employee satisfaction with an effective training strategy

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