The Data Loss Gremlins

Don't let their small size or appearance fool you

These eight little guys are some of the biggest threats facing small and mid-size businesses today! Just one of these Data Loss Gremlins can put your crucial data at serious risk. Every year they cost companies thousands of dollars in lost revenue and downtime and even threaten your company's future.

While you may not always be able to stop the Gremlins, you can protect yourself from them. You can do this, by educating yourself on the Gremlins and partnering with Secure Networks on proactive business continuity and disaster recovery strategy plan. Together we can put a halt to the Gremlins and allow you to get back to what you do best - running your company.

Click on each Data Loss Gremlin below to learn more about them-

Klepto Data Loss GremlinsWhoopsie Daisy GremlinsMal Data Loss GremlinsScratch Data Loss GremlinsScorch GremlinMayham Data Loss Gremlins

Let's Not Forget The old Data Loss Gremlins.

Not to be outdone, and refusing to let the younger gremlins have all the fun wreaking havoc on businesses. These two use stealth to inflict their own special brand of destructive mayhem.

Phishy Data Loss Gremlins

Dino Data Loss Gremlins