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Should You Break Up With Your Current IT Management Provider?

Is your current IT management partner offering the services you need to keep your business on track for growth? Many miss the mark when it comes to communications, cybersecurity, and more. Here are reasons you may want to actually look for new IT services in Cape Cod.

Your Network and Systems Aren’t Keeping Up With Your Needs

Especially in today’s world, businesses rely on their network, phone systems, and computers more than ever. Yet many run into issues where their network is unreliable, their phone systems are dropping calls, and computers aren’t able to run the necessary software. Legacy systems may be severely cutting into productivity – they actually cost businesses in the United States about $1.8 billion a year due to that lost efficiency. And many IT companies don’t recommend new, current solutions to their customers that could save them money.

It’s essential that your network and all related systems, from your computers to your phones, be able to keep up with your company’s needs, as well as your customers’ expectations. Dropped calls and inefficiency behind the screen can absolutely cut into your customer retention and profits, while also increasing the workload.

How Can Secure Networks Help?

If your current IT services partner isn’t helping you move past legacy systems, it’s time for a change. Secure Networks, providing IT services for Cape Cod businesses, can help you uncover VoIP solutions that bring more reliability to the table than your outdated phone systems (and can also be much more cost-effective).

We also offer our clients consulting services to determine which network, hardware, and software solutions would best fit your goals (long- and short-term), budget, needs, and wants. And our team won’t leave you once we’ve sold you on the new equipment – we offer ongoing IT support, help desk, and fast response teams to assist you with any concerns or issues you run into.

There Are Gaps in Your Cybersecurity Strategy

Gaps in your cybersecurity strategy can spell serious problems for your business, especially if your current IT management provider isn’t working to protect your company, network, employees, or customers. Is it possible they’re not closing all the doors to keep hackers out?

By failing to have a cybersecurity strategy that keeps up with your industry and growing threats, you’re of course opening yourself up to cyberattacks. Breaches have only increased in recent years. Around 1,300 data breaches in 2021 cost companies over $4.24 million. But it’s not only the breach that will cost you money – industries and insurance companies often require businesses to comply with regulations. If you fail to meet these marks, you could be opening the door to lack of insurance payout, even if you’re breached, fines from the government, and legal issues.

How Can Secure Networks Help?

Cybersecurity isn’t something you can set and forget. Assessments should be done regularly to determine new threats and then strategies developed to prevent these breaches. We specialize in giving you the consultation and tools you need to ensure your cybersecurity strategy is keeping up with all threats, even new ones. Our offerings protect you from viruses, malware, spam, and more – all at a fraction of the cost.

There’s Too Much “Tech Talk” and Not Enough Straight Answers

How many times does your IT solutions provider talk to you and the language they’re using goes over your head? Are reports confusing, make no sense, or don’t have the information you actually need when it comes to your technology?

“Tech talk” can cause businesses to misunderstand the risks in their IT strategy, misuse software, or waste money. And this lack of transparency can lead to other issues where the company doesn’t understand the “why” behind a certain IT action. For example, if employees don’t understand why they need to perform a certain action for cybersecurity and the business can’t explain it to them, it’s likely they’ll just skip the action!

How Can Secure Networks Help?

We understand the importance of straightforward communication when it comes to IT. We won’t flood you with terms you don’t understand or have to Google to decipher. Secure Networks’ IT services for Cape Cod businesses are there for your company and employees to answer concerns, questions, and more. We always focus on transparency and reports that actually help you move your business forward.

There Is a Lack of Communication

Quite a few companies find that communication with their IT partner simply isn’t keeping them informed. This could be due to the lack of a dedicated account manager, but many businesses feel that they’re ignored by their IT service provider, and they don’t know who to actually contact. Some are even moved from person to person, so confusion is rampant.

Communication is central to any business, and IT is no exception. A quarterly email simply promoting their newest services isn’t enough. If you feel like you can’t talk to your current IT solutions provider or they give you the runaround when you manage to get a hold of them, it’s definitely time for a switch.

How Can Secure Networks Help?

As we mentioned previously, we understand how important communication is. That’s why we offer a dedicated account manager and clear contact information so you can always reach us if you have a question, concern, or problem. Secure Network also offers a 24/7 help desk, so if you have a serious problem at 2 a.m., we’re here for you.

They Aren’t Able To Scale With Your Company’s Growth

Do you find that your network is sagging under the weight of your company’s growth and disconnects are more common? Or that you’re constantly having to hunt for enough hardware for your team? This could be due to the lack of your IT solutions partner’s ability to scale with your company.

As your organization grows, you need IT solutions that meet your changing needs. You don’t want to get too far ahead and then come to the realization that your IT partner hasn’t been able to keep up. Their outdated or lack of solutions can lead to ongoing problems with cybersecurity, bandwidth, and support.

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How Can Secure Networks Help?

With our technology consulting and IT services for Cape Cod businesses, we can help ensure your organization has cutting-edge and innovative solutions that meet your changing needs, wants, and budget. We’ll go over any concerns or goals you have during these meetings. Then our team works to uncover and recommend advanced solutions that could benefit your work, enabling easier and streamlined growth for your company.

Even if you’ve been with your IT service provider for years, it can be beneficial to your company to regularly review if you’re receiving the assistance you need to keep your business productive and secure. Is it time for an assessment and a switch?

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