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School’s In: Now’s the Time to Empower Your Workforce with IT Training

It’s time for your kids to go back to school! But they aren’t the only ones who could benefit from insightful, action-oriented learning. Secure Networks’ IT training ensures your entire team has up-to-date knowledge about the latest IT solutions, IT services and security to stay productive and secure this year. 

With work-from-home forcing so many business processes online, and with heightened security needs, it can be tough to make sure your whole team is on the same page. Time is another factor – when everyone’s got so much catch-up work to do in 2021, how do you find the time to train busy employees? 

This is where Secure Networks’ IT training solution comes into the picture. We offer customized training programs that work around your team’s schedule, ensuring they learn everything they need to know about the IT solutions and managed IT services they use, as well as security best practices to mitigate cyberthreats. 

Secure Networks’ Training Services

Secure Networks’ Training Services help you maximize ROI on your IT systems by giving your employees the tools and experience to use them as efficiently as possible. Flexible, interactive formats, custom material and localized training mean your team gets the best value across the board. In this blog, we’ll walk you through why Training Services matter and what your employees will be getting when you partner with Secure Networks. 

Reduce Your In-House Training Needs

Teachers are very special. Your kids’ favorite teachers help them learn new concepts, apply knowledge and have fun at the same time. When it comes to IT training, not everyone has what it takes to be a great teacher. Here’s the problem when you rely too much on in-house training: your administrative and IT teams know things about the IT management services you use, but they likely don’t have the teaching expertise to turn that knowledge into custom training modules.

When you leverage Secure Networks’ training resources, your workforce gets a customized training program that helps them utilize IT resources effectively. Better still, our training programs are built with WFH in mind: your whole team benefits, no matter where they’re located. Our training experts love what they do, and they’re great at it, freeing your management to focus on core business processes. 

How Your Team Benefits from Secure Networks Training 

Secure Networks’ vast partner network allows us to offer multiple IT training modules to help your team make full use of all the technology consulting and services you use. Let’s take a look at some of the structured courses your team can benefit from: 

Microsoft Office Suite 

Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Access: your team almost certainly uses some or all of these tools every day. But with the right skills – from handy keyboard shortcuts to PowerPoint presentation fundamentals – you can extract greater ROI from these productivity workhorses. When everyone has the same level of office mastery, it’ll make sense to deploy functions like advanced Excel formulas, saving your team time and effort. 

Using communication tools better

Emails, Slack threads, and Zoom calls: business communication is getting more complex by the day. There are more tools your team needs to have access to just to talk to each other and to clients. WFH works best when there are solid lines of communication. This is where our Business Communications training comes into the picture. We’ll help your team navigate the waters and understand how to use a range of business communication tools effectively, no matter where they’re located. 

Enhanced cybersecurity awareness 

Cyberthreats are a bigger concern today than ever before. With so many people working from home, your secure data and apps are often accessed from unsecured devices and home networks. This makes effective cybersecurity training the key to mitigating losses from hacker attacks. Employees with low awareness of cyberthreats, like phishing and ransomware, are often the low-hanging fruit that hackers target.

Secure Networks’ Cybersecurity Training helps harden your first line of defense. By giving your team the know-how to deal with common cyberthreats – including phishing emails and fraudulent websites – you’ll ensure that your team isn’t the weakest link in your digital security chain.

Better IT Training, Enhanced Security, Tangible ROI

Secure Networks’ flexible approach to training means that your entire team can benefit, even while working from home. A well-trained team has the answers – this means management saves hours of time and effort answering basic questions and troubleshooting. Your team will develop the skills to handle minor issues by themselves, before escalating. 

We offer on-site instructor-led training for your team members that are physically present and effective remote training options to ensure that everyone gets value. Our training material is fully customizable: We’ll adapt modules to fit your requirements and tackle scenarios and challenges that are specific to your organization. Reach out today!