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Has Your Managed IT Provider Passed Their Expiration Date – 4 Signs It’s Time to Switch

The right technology allows a small business to create a competitive edge. If the business tech solutions you have in place are improperly managed and poorly maintained, it is only a matter of time before disaster strikes. It is your job as a business owner to find the best possible managed IT services to work with.

Businesses worldwide spend over $4.4 billion every year on new technology. If you’ve been with the same managed IT service for a while and have experienced nothing but problems, it is time to make a change.

If your current managed IT provider has reached its expiration date, you might notice some of the warning signs below.

1. You’re Unhappy With Your Current Managed IT Provider

The right managed services provider will do everything they can to boost a client’s confidence in their IT infrastructure. If you view your existing IT infrastructure as unreliable or glitchy, it is definitely time find a new managed services provider. Being unable to rely on your IT infrastructure can be frustrating and costly.

If you’re constantly dealing with the same IT problems and no solutions have been implemented to address them, you will start to lose money. Allowing employees to sit idle while IT problems are being fixed can get extremely costly. This is why finding a managed IT provider who can bring reliability back to your IT infrastructure is so important.

Are you curious about what current IT downtime is costing your company? If so, it is time to use our recovery time calculator.

2. Feeling Like You’ve Outgrown Your IT Provider

When a business provides its customers with excellent service, it will begin to grow. As you start to grow, the IT infrastructure in place will need to improve. Having outdated or unreliable technology in place can get in the way of growth.

Businesses that outgrow their managed IT provider usually notice things like:

  • Employees complaining about unreliable IT
  • The break-fix model isn’t working anymore
  • Lack of an IT strategy
  • A string of broken promises
  • Long wait times

Rather than allowing these problems to affect your company’s ability to grow, it is time to work with a new managed IT service. Secure Networks isn’t just another IT company. We are personally invested in your business success and will work hard to keep your IT infrastructure secure and functional.

3. Ongoing IT Security Problems

The recent ransomware attack on the multinational healthcare organization Keralty has made many business owners question the security of their IT infrastructure. This ransomware attack disrupted the operations and websites this company owns.

Failing to protect the sensitive information contained on your servers can be bad for your reputation if you get hacked. Lax IT security can also lead to big fines, which is why correcting these problems is vital to the long-term success of your business. The right managed IT provider will be able to implement state-of-the-art solutions designed to keep cybercriminals at bay.

You can get a true assessment of how effective your current IT security is by using our free cybersecurity scan. With the results from this scan, you can identify network vulnerabilities. Once these vulnerabilities are pinpointed, our team will work with you to fix them quickly.

4. Remote Employees Are Struggling To Use Your Cloud Network

The number of businesses using remote employees has grown substantially over the past few years. Providing remote workers with a reliable cloud network is the only way to keep them productive. If your current cloud-based network is always crashing, it is time to hire a new managed IT provider.

An experienced IT provider will have no problem optimizing your cloud network. This optimization process will include improving security and using automatic backups to protect data. With these improvements, you can improve productivity and employee morale.

How To Find the Right Managed IT Provider

If you’ve decided that moving on from your current IT provider is the best thing for your business, then finding the best replacement MSP should be a top priority. Before hiring a new managed service provider, be sure to find out information like:

  • Details about how the MSP will prevent downtime
  • A list of the people who will work directly with your business
  •  The qualifications/industry certifications they possess
  • Steps the MSP will take to scale your IT in the future
  • Information about how fast IT problems will be fixed

With this information, you can assess whether a particular managed service provider is right for your business. A good IT provider will supply their clients with easy-to-use technology and top-notch support.

Don’t Let the Wrong Managed IT Provider Get in the Way of Success

Working with managed IT services providers who are passionate about helping your business succeed is important. If you’re ready to move on from your current provider, Secure Networks is here to help.

Book a call with Secure Networks today to find out more about our robust managed IT services.