Inefficiencies Are the Least of Your IT Management Problems

Inefficiencies Are the Least of Your IT Management Problems

Your job title is business manager, business owner or healthcare worker. But we know the real story, you wear so many hats, there isn’t a business card in the world that can name all the functions you handle from day to day. You don’t have time to resolve the normal challenges of your actual job, much less having to try and figure out why your computers won’t talk to each other, your data is missing or your employees are having trouble accessing their files from home.

You thought your IT solutions were under control. Sure, it takes 5 steps to access files in one room of the building when you are in another. And, sure, you have to save here, close that program there, open a new program and save again, and 10 minutes later, you’ve managed to make one file accessible to the rest of your team.

In fact, you’ve made due with these inefficiencies for years because there is always another fire to put out, and at least everything is working, right? Until it doesn’t, and you are forced to deal with yet another IT issue. Not upgrading your IT system is no longer an option. Here are 5 reasons why it’s critical right now.

1 - Your software is slow.

As new software programs are created, they most likely won’t work very well with older hardware, older network systems or out-of-date security protocols. You need to be ready to jump on opportunities, seize new revenue options and hire staff as needed. Slow software is holding you back from growing into the successful business you want to be.

2 - You’ve built work-arounds to get the results you need.

Work-arounds are created in order to force two pieces together that don’t work together nicely. These take more time and energy, causing your staff to be slower and inefficient. Work-arounds have gotten you to where you are, but won’t get you to where you want to go.

3 - You were told this is the only way it can work.

One computer in one room needs to be able to remote access a co-worker in another location. It takes 5 steps to get there, and your current IT support guy told you that was the way it has to be. It seems silly to you, and you often wonder, Why can’t one machine just talk to another machine? Our point exactly. Secure Networks questions every component in your system to make sure each is serving a purpose and necessary to getting the job done.

4 - You are not a techie.

The closest thing to understanding IT is that you know how to do a hard reboot on your laptop. You don’t know how cool the server needs to be, you don’t know how to encrypt passwords, and you certainly don’t know how to decrypt data! These are all things that Secure Networks’ IT services do for you. We manage all the day-to-day IT details, and all you have to do is make a call if you have a question.

5 - You don’t know what you don’t know.

All the steps you’ve taken to this point with your IT system are now becoming vulnerabilities as cybersecurity has escalated to a huge problem. Your remote service trucks are not protected, your accounting software is on the verge of losing data or all of your drawings and contracts are inaccessible from remote staff. If you are worried about losing something, be worried about losing it all. Cybersecurity is such an important function of IT services that it has its own month. October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month. Certain industries and local governments are even enacting compliance regulations and incentives to help protect employees’ and clients’ sensitive personal information from identity theft.

Take Tom, for example. Tom is in the healthcare field and called us. He is frustrated because he is trying to treat a patient in the office but needs to video conference with a specialist during the appointment. The computer he has access to in the patient rooms doesn’t have camera capabilities, so either everyone has to move to another room or another computer has to be brought in from elsewhere in the building. Tom was told that was the only way to fix the problem. Well, Tom thinks it shouldn’t be so difficult, and neither do we! Our technology consulting helped Tom find a better way to do business.

These scenarios are normal, everyday occurrences for businesses that don’t have modern IT systems or sufficient data security. They don’t have to be expensive, but they do need to be strategic and address both your current operations and your future plans.

At Secure Networks, the very first question we always ask is why? Why are you doing things that way? Why are you okay with so much inefficiency and headache? Our 3-year strategic planning is what sets us apart. We want to make your life easier by managing your IT, creating integrated systems and providing you the framework to grow with the fewest headaches possible.

You shouldn’t be wasting hundreds of man hours, thousands of dollars in work-arounds and opening yourself up for data loss. You should be enjoying the years of hard work invested in growing your business and be confident that you can continue to operate for years to come.

When you call us, we assess your current situation, take stock of all your work stations and really dive into the inefficiencies of your operations in order to provide you with the most optimized and smoothly running system available. Call us today with your frustrations at 508-433-3477, and we’ll help you fix the current system and upgrade it for future growth with our managed IT services.