Hyannis, MA

Hyannis, MA

Hyannis, Massachusetts is a village located on Cape Cod and is the largest of the seven villages in the town of Barnstable, Massachusetts with a population of 14,089 according to the 2010 census. Hyannis is often referred to as the “Capital of the Cape” largely because it is the commercial and transportation hub of Cape Cod which is a popular tourist and vacation destination during the summer months. It was designated an urban area in the 1990 census. A major tourist destination in itself, Hyannis is also the primary ferry boat and aviation link to Nantucket Island, an island about 30 miles south of Cape Cod that welcomes more than 30,000 tourists each summer. Hyannis also sometimes provides passenger access to Martha’s Vineyard, another island that sees a large number of vacationers each year.

As the main point of origin for the ferry to Nantucket Island, The Steamship Authority runs the ferry service year-round out of Hyannis. The journey from Hyannis to Nantucket takes about two and a half hours. The Steamship Authority also offers a catamaran service out of Hyannis seasonally that passengers can take to reach Nantucket on a trip that takes about one hour. Barnstable Municipal Airport is also located in Hyannis and is the main air transportation hub for all of Cape Cod. The airport provides daily flights to Nantucket, Martha’s Vineyard, Boston, Provincetown, as well as New York City.

A major tourist destination itself, Hyannis is well known for its large natural harbor and is the largest recreational boating port on Cape Cod. The harbor is also the second largest fishing port on Cape Cod, with Provincetown being the only larger option in the area. Other points of interest include the Massachusetts Air and Space Museum and the Kennedy Compound which was the base of President John F. Kennedy’s successful presidential campaign in 1960. President Kennedy also used the Kennedy Compound as the location for his summer White House over the course of his presidency. The Kennedy Compound consists of three separate houses. It was initially purchased by President Kennedy’s father Joseph P. Kennedy in 1928 who then remodeled the existing structure to suit his family’s needs. The compound is still owned and occupied by the Kennedy family. Because of President Kennedy’s roots in the village, Hyannis also features the John F. Kennedy Hyannis Museum and the JFK Memorial in Hyannis. The Massachusetts Air and Space Museum features people and organizations from Massachusetts that have contributed or played a role in the advancement of the space and aviation industry.

Per the 2010 census, the village of Hyannis had a population of 14,089. The median income at the time was $38,467 and 15.79% of households earned more than $75,000 annually. Cape Cod’s climate is classified as an ocean-moderated humid continental climate. It has warm summers and is wet year-round.

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