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How VoIP Can Meaningfully Improve Your Business Phone Systems

Organizations looking to improve their current capacity for collaboration and productivity should start with their most fundamental asset – business phone systems. This system is your business’ central operating hub and is used by employees regardless of whether they’re working in-office or from home.

Even if your current business phone system is functioning well, that doesn’t mean it’s the right fit for your business. Your system may be operating at 100%, but if it’s costly, hard to manage, and more complex than necessary, it could be holding your company back.

That’s why we often recommend VoIP solutions to businesses looking to trade off a costly and outdated phone system for one that better matches their current and future needs.

Common Features of VoIP Phone Solutions

To understand why so many businesses choose VoIP as an alternative to their current hardware-based phone systems, it helps to understand what VoIP is and what features it’s best known for providing.

Voice over internet protocol (VoIP) is a system that uses a digital signal carried and converted in the cloud to send and receive voice and video calls. Instead of requiring a complex hardware and software network, it uses applications stored in the cloud to enable connections and host your data.

Some of the key features include:

  • The ability to make calls from either a laptop, phone, or tablet
  • Video conferencing, either within the system itself or integrated through a program like Microsoft Teams
  • Conference calling
  • Call trees
  • One centralized, easy-to-use call queue
  • Business text messaging
  • Detailed call analytics
  • A simple click to dial

Essential Benefits VoIP Can Bring to Your Business Phone Systems

The features native to VoIP systems are a huge contributing factor to why businesses find them so appealing. By working with a trusted provider of VoIP solutions, you can harness these benefits without worrying about overburdening your IT staff or forcing your whole team to learn a whole new system.

Save money on your monthly bill

One of the key benefits of a VoIP solution is that it generally offers more transparency and data analysis capabilities than a traditional phone system. This enables businesses to clearly see their usage and make changes that will provide huge savings on their monthly bill. Most companies save between 50% to 75% when they make the switch.

Additionally, a VoIP system requires no initial hardware or software capital investments. This also means that companies can skip the costly maintenance on their hardware assets, saving them both time and money.

More remote-work friendly

When your employees log in from remote locations, you want to make sure that they can easily collaborate and work together. Over the last two years, businesses with traditional phone systems were forced to rely on their staff using their own phones and devices to log in and get work done, which is not only unsecure but frustrating as well.

With a VoIP system, your team can log in securely from anywhere in the world, take client calls, and conduct phone or video meetings easily. Most calls initiate in one simple click.

Can be integrated into other line-of-business apps

If you already have productivity and collaboration apps and programs your team loves, you don’t have to switch when you move to VoIP.

Instead, most VoIP solutions integrate seamlessly with these programs, making it easy to upgrade your business phone systems without compromising your productivity.

Easily integrated into multiple offices

Businesses with multiple locations are a common use case for VoIP solutions. Instead of needing hardware infrastructure in various locations, VoIP uses cloud connectivity to seamlessly link multiple offices into one centralized communication hub.

Your employees can use two-digit transfers to call between locations, making it easy to reach colleagues not working in their office. Plus, it simplifies things for your customers by offering one integrated queue and dispatch for calls, rather than forcing them to contact multiple locations.

Easy to scale up or down as needed

When you’re trying to encourage growth, it can be challenging to know which system will work for your organization both now and into the future. VoIP technologies are a great solution since they are easy to scale up and down as required.

This flexibility ensures that you’re never paying for lines, features, or configurations you’re not using, and it makes it simpler to increase or decrease your package as needed.

Achieve Success With a VoIP Expert Like Secure Networks

Another benefit of VoIP solutions is that they are incredibly diverse and offer a huge range of options for businesses looking to set themselves up for a more secure and productive future. However, these options can be challenging to navigate on your own.

Instead of upgrading solo, you can rely on a trusted expert like Secure Networks to help you navigate the process and find the perfect solution for your needs. Partnering with our team allows us to offer you strong support with customized onboarding, training, installation, and maintenance. We also provide simple billing in our easy-to-use portal, so you never have to page through gigantic documents to find information or relevant details.

Want to learn more? Get in touch today for a free phone bill assessment and rate quote.