The IT Consulting Company You Need Is Out There – Here’s How To Find It

The IT Consulting Company You Need Is Out There – Here’s How To Find It

Whether your inhouse IT staff walked out during the Great Resignation or you’ve simply outgrown your current IT provider, finding the right IT consulting company can be daunting.

5 Considerations When Looking for IT Consulting

1. Multiple levels of industry knowledge

Your IT consultant should have several layers of support available to you. From help desk through more serious issues, your managed service provider (MSP) should maintain these levels of knowledge so you’re covered regardless of the problem.

2. Dedicated account manager

Your manager knows your IT systems inside and out. Instead of calls or meetings that start with you explaining who you are, you and your manager jump right into solving problems and answering questions.

3. Microsoft 365 experts

In today’s world of over a million companies using Microsoft 365, it is essential that your IT consulting firm offers expert assistance for the application. Your employees will be more productive than ever when your Microsoft 365 features all work seamlessly to provide a state-of-the-art working environment.

4. Strong security focus

97% of data breaches could be prevented by today’s technology. The correct layers of security will protect your business data. Make sure anti-virus, anti-malware, spam protection, virtual private networks and thorough backup and disaster recovery layers are all included in your basic security arsenal.

5. Heavily invested in the IT industry

From peer groups and channels to a commitment to maintaining a firm grasp on the current industry trends, your IT consulting firm should be involved in industry workings. This foundation provides your IT consultant with current issues and trends that could affect your business.

IT Consulting

Secure Networks’ Values Align With Your Needs

The core values we have adopted at Secure Networks align with the 5 IT consulting considerations above.

  • Customer Service – Quick response times, along with help desk, Tier 2 and Tier 3 support services, keep you productive with little to no downtime so your employees can do their jobs.
  • Be Passionate – We are passionate about what we do and about making our clients successful. We aren’t successful unless you are.
  • Exhibit Professionalism – From the moment we meet, you will see our dedication to serving you without IT jargon and to meeting your core objectives.
  • Be Motivated – We’re proud to partner with southeast Massachusetts businesses and are motivated to learn more, do more and be more.
  • ‘Do Anything’ Attitude – “No” is not in our vocabulary. We do whatever it takes to solve your IT problems.

Additionally, we have a strong security focus and stay on top of industry trends.

IT Consulting at Secure Networks

We work with business owners to ensure your technology investments are aligned with your business objectives. Our fixed-price IT consulting services allow you to set your budget and forget it. You won’t have to worry about extra costs because you pay a fixed price, no matter how many times you call!

Our Guarantee

  • Personal service
  • Guaranteed response time
  • Never baffle you with jargon
  • Proactive server-monitoring software to spot problems before they disrupt your business
  • Take the hassle out of IT, allowing you to concentrate on your core business

Your Costs Are Fixed, No Matter How Many Times You Call

Make sure you know what’s not included when you engage IT consulting services. At Secure Networks, while the necessities of security, monitoring, and help desk are all-inclusive, some services you may need fall outside that realm. Rest assured that we can take care of these along with your fixed services.


The movement to work-from-anywhere has driven Massachusetts businesses to consider Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP). Organizations looking to improve their current capacity for collaboration and productivity should start with their most fundamental asset – business phone systems. This system is your business’ central operating hub and is used by employees regardless of where they’re working.

Microsoft 365 migrations

With almost 880,000 companies in the U.S. using Microsoft 365, migrations are supported as a special project to bring businesses the popular apps, such as SharePoint, Outlook, and Teams. Collaboration and work-from-anywhere capabilities are just a step away with Microsoft 365. Whatever device you're working on, 365 gives you access to everything you need – your documents, email, calendars, and contacts.

Cloud rollout

Reduced cost, immediate deployment and seamless scalability are all top benefits of moving to cloud computing. If your business would like to move to the cloud, Secure Networks helps you leverage cloud solutions to meet your productivity and efficiency goals. We start with a data-driven “readiness” assessment to ensure your road to the cloud is successful.

Working With Secure Networks

Whether your IT team has resigned during the Great Resignation or you’ve outgrown your current MSP, Secure Networks can provide the rightsized IT consulting services for your organization. From initial audit to strategic leadership meetings, Secure Networks gains full understanding of your IT position before implementing solutions to take your business to the next level.

Contact us for an initial assessment online or schedule an appointment here.