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What Are Flat-Rate Managed IT Services?

Flat-rate managed it services solve all of your IT problems with an affordable monthly budget. You hear an increasing amount of grumbling regarding the state of your IT services from your staff. Various pieces of equipment continue to break down, and slow technology makes it hard to complete even the most basic tasks.

Your company has tried to make repairs before, with piecemeal solutions that attack various problems as they arise, but nothing gets to the root of the problem. No one seems to give any thought to why the system broke down in the first place or how a temporary fix might end up costing more down the road. The IT support team, tasked with rushing from problem to problem, does not have the time or resources to research the latest data security and IT solutions.

You worry that these technological shortcomings put your business at a disadvantage compared to others in your industry. The staff faces poor communication, inefficient integration and a lack of standardization that makes it hard for them to do their jobs.

Despite a desire for marked improvements and more permanent IT solutions, you feel little confidence that you will successfully find an IT support option that can help.

Flat-Rate Managed IT Services: The Better Way to Work

If your company operates like many we have seen before, people have likely become accustomed to their old ways of fixing problems. They use tools and procedures they feel comfortable with. Unfortunately, outdated equipment and poor IT management often cannot keep up with modern demands. Systems run slowly and break down, turning simple tasks into long chores that minimize productivity.

There is, however, a solution.

Companies can become more productive and efficient when they work with a professional who can help with overall integrations, IT structure and using the right tools. With these managed IT services, employees will be able to do their jobs more efficiently. Here are 3 IT solutions that can quickly make a difference for businesses.

Microsoft Teams

With Microsoft Teams, your staff will find it easy to remain connected with the rest of their group members. Thanks to the ability to connect from anywhere, staff can collaborate digitally and reduce the paperwork passed around. The chat features make it easy to check in with teammates and discuss common projects.

Microsoft 365 for Business

Using Microsoft 365 for Business, your organization can automate tasks they find themselves completing every day, freeing up more time to move forward on important projects. Since everything can be kept in one place, collaboration and communication are easily enhanced.

Cloud capabilities

Cloud capabilities scale to the needs of the organization. Teams can easily upload and access documents from any internet-connected computer, making it simple to access and edit documents from anywhere. Cloud programs also regularly update, ensuring they operate at maximum efficiency and reducing concerns about outdated technology.

Budgeting and Your Flat-rate Managed IT Services

Although the benefits of these new forms of technology certainly sound tempting, your job is to watch expenses. Managed IT solutions and investment in the latest technology sound like a large financial investment, and you simply do not have room in the budget.

It is possible, however, to secure the benefits of technology consulting and experience the potential of IT services. To understand how it works, let us examine some numbers.

More than 80% of businesses have experienced an unexpected shutdown over the past 36 months. When the equipment simply stops working, it can cost as much as $5,000 to $10,000 per hour. With average outages lasting 4 hours, it quickly becomes clear why a single outage would pose a large concern for any organization.

The costs associated with this type of shutdown come from a variety of sources. Brands need to think not only about costs associated with diagnosing, containing and then fixing the actual problem. They must also factor in lost productivity, the lost revenue from sales that could not be closed during the equipment malfunction and the costs associated with allocating the IT support team and resources away from regular tasks to handle the downed IT equipment.

Fortunately, there is a solution that allows you to tap into the potential managed IT services and remain within your budget. By working out a flat monthly payment plan, you can secure the upgrades your organization needs and still work with predictable payments.

The costs of having a poor and aging IT system are numerous. From reduced productivity to losing customers and employees over poorly functioning systems, an investment in IT support is an investment in your business’ future.

Consider Our Client’s Success

One particular client comes to mind when contemplating the predicament of businesses with poor IT management. This particular client had four locations and approached us at Secure Networks with a connectivity problem.

We completed an initial audit and quickly uncovered multiple inefficiencies, broken integrations and a lack of systems across departments. The client did not even realize how slow and inefficient the system was until we showed them a new system with the right tools. It was an eye-opening experience for them.

Quickly we were able to collaborate and create a 3-year budgeting plan that allowed for predictable IT support costs, empowering us to establish scalable growth for them without high capital expenditures. The IT management and cybersecurity it offered made the investment easily worth the time and attention of the client.

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