Cyber Security Scan

Secure Networks is offering a FREE Cyber Security Scan for any Cape Cod, South Shore, or Southeastern Ma. business with 10 or more employees.

Why do I need a Cyber Security Scan?

No matter how sophisticated your network security is, the one thing it can't protect you from is human error. If just one of your employees falls victim to a phishing attack, all your company's data is vulnerable. Your employees can either be the first line of defense in your security arsenal, or they can be the first point of entry for cybercriminals.

It's no longer a matter of IF you will be hacked but WHEN

◾Right now, trillions of usernames, passwords, and personal confidential information is for sale both on the surface and dark web. Cyber Criminals can purchase this information for as little as $1.00 and use it to steal your identity, money, and commit crimes in your company’s and employee's names. ◾Every 14 seconds, a business falls victim to ransomware. ◾34% of organizations hit with ransomware took more than a week to recover their data. While 1 in 5 companies will be forced to close their doors within 6 weeks of an attack. ◾95% of all cybersecurity attacks are caused by human error. ◾Cybercrime is now larger than all other forms of organized crime combined.

What we are offering:

Dark Web Scan

◾Dark Web Scanning For Vulnerability ◾See Which Of Your Current/Past Employees Passwords And Data Are On The Dark Web ◾Scans For Unauthorized User Logins ◾Checks For External Vulnerabilities

Staff Phishing Experimentation

◾Establish A Baseline of Employee Knowledge ◾State Of The Art Employee Phishing Experimentation ◾Email and Website Security Training ◾Comprehensive Reporting

How does this free scan benefit my organization?

◾Protect Your Companies Reputation and Data ◾Emphasize The Importance Of Cyber Security To Your Staff ◾Educate Your Staff On How To Avoid A Cyber Attack ◾Protect Your Staff’s Identities Not only is now the perfect time to protect your technology from the ever-changing landscape of cyberattacks but also to ensure your data stays secure. Secure Networks will scan the dark web for information regarding your identity and also check for any external venerability in your network. We will also train your staff to become warriors in the fight against cyber-criminals. By teaching your employees to recognize and avoid phishing emails and other tactics cyber-criminals employ. You will be able to rest easy at night knowing that you empowered your business and your staff with the tools to keep them both safe! All Free Cyber Security Scans are on a first-come, first-serve bias and limited to only a few companies per month. This allows us to ensure your company gets the attention it deserves. So, why wait? Claim your FREE Cyber Security Scan today by filling out the form on this page or contacting us directly at 508-418-3245 You have invested a lot of time and money into your business. Let us help you protect that investment. Managing the security, reliability, and productivity of businesses across every type of industry is at the heart of what we do.

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