Combat the IT Labor Shortage with Stellar IT Services

Combat the IT Labor Shortage with Stellar IT Services

Has your organization been hit hard by the current IT labor shortage? You’re definitely not alone. In fact, 57% of industry leaders say that the shortage is their top concern. So how can you combat it and come out on top? The short answer: outsourcing IT services. But here’s a deeper dive into the problem at hand, and how outsourcing can help you solve it.

Are You Struggling To Hire IT Professionals?

In the past year, the IT labor shortage has only gotten worse. 59% of technology leaders stated that hiring challenges were hurting the industry in 2021. In 2022, that number has gone up to 65%.

If you’re in this boat, you could be experiencing severe problems with growth, as well as productivity. It could also cause your cybersecurity strategy to fall behind, opening you up to attacks, compliance issues, and more. But why are many businesses experiencing this exact problem right now?

Reason #1: The Great Resignation

It’s no myth – the great resignation is happening, and many more IT professionals are looking to jump to different businesses. In fact, a recent poll found that 72% of respondents in IT “are thinking of quitting their jobs in the next 12 months.”

Some of the top reasons employees have moved elsewhere include:

  • No potential for promotions
  • Poor flexibility
  • Toxic work environment
  • Low pay
  • Lack of benefits or incentives
  • Little or no recognition of hard work, top performance, or achievements

If you find your employees are jumping ship, it may be time to review your internal culture and structure to be sure you’re always aiming for strong employee retention.

Reason #2: They Want to Work From Home

The pandemic changed a lot about how those in IT do business and, as a result, professionals want more flexibility in their work and a larger focus on the work-life balance. To many, this means work-from-home options.

As a result, more and more businesses are offering remote work to their team members. If your organization is demanding IT professionals come to the office, your potential employees are going elsewhere and, as a result, you’re experiencing the labor squeeze.

Reason #3: The Pandemic

Did you know that many employees have a negative perception of a business if the organization had a poor response to COVID-19? And the switch to remote work isn’t the only thing employees are after – they want to see that businesses are still taking their health and safety seriously. If your health and safety protocols are lacking, you could see a lack in new IT professionals joining your team too.

Outsourcing IT Services Can Help You Turn It Around

58% of IT leaders in 2021 said they planned to increase their investment in technology. Even if you decide to put more money in your tech solutions, if you can’t hire the IT professionals to help you take advantage of the tools, you won’t get far. This is where outsourcing your IT management comes in.

Outsourcing for IT solutions brings a whole host of benefits to your doorstep, on top of helping you combat the labor shortage. Even if you’re struggling to hire, you’ll be able to meet your goals and man your IT support.

Achieve Bigger Goals

Can your small IT department (or even your solo IT professional) handle everything you’re putting on their plate? Many businesses are trying to achieve better cybersecurity practices that meet all of their employees’ needs (whether they’re remote, in-house, or hybrid), develop a stronger IT foundation, or take advantage of the newest software and apps that help with productivity and efficiency.

That’s a lot for a small department to tackle, especially if you can’t add anyone to the team. Outsourcing, though, allows you to have access to a whole team of technology professionals – all for the price of one or two people.

Simplify Your Approach to IT

How many tech aspects in your organization are more complicated than they need to be? If your employees are confused and constantly struggling with software and hardware to achieve their daily tasks, partly due to the fact that your IT professionals are overwhelmed, you could be cutting into your profits. By working with an IT management team, each of your employees will be able to fully understand how to use the tools they’re presented with – and have someone they can reach out to with any problems.

Scale Your Business the Right Way

As your business grows, your IT department is going to have to be able to scale with it. You’ll likely outgrow that 1- or 2-person team. Outsourcing IT services allows you to achieve your goals without worry or stress. Even in the face of the Great Resignation and the pandemic, you can be sure you have a team that has your back and will help your organization achieve success.

Secure Networks Can Be Your Team

There’s always something on the horizon when it comes to IT. Whether it’s a new tool that will make a difference for your productivity or a new method of attack that hackers are taking advantage of, you need a team that knows how to tackle the technology problems you’re facing.

By working with Secure Networks, you’ll be able to access a team with strong industry and cybersecurity knowledge that will prove valuable even as your vision grows. We offer flexible and strategic plans that help you get ready for whatever the future brings. There’s no doubt that outsourcing your IT services can be a game-changer for your bottom line, especially if you’re struggling to hire.

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