Cloud Services

Safe, Scalable, and Affordable Cloud Services

The cloud is quickly becoming the primary location for small- to medium-sized organizations to store data and access key line-of-business applications. Secure Networks Cloud Services help you analyze, prepare for and migrate to the cloud.

Three ways to know your business is "ready" to focus IT strategy on cloud environments are:

  • Nearing time to replace your server or multiple workstations
  • Currently running business applications reaching end-of-life and/or no longer supported by on-premise usage
  • Plans to add more locations, more employees working remotely, or more endpoints/devices to your hardware inventory

With cloud services from Secure Networks, we'll help you leverage the right cloud solutions that meet your changing productivity and efficiency goals, reduce your capex expenses and scale resources as needed. We start with a data-driven "readiness" assessment, designing the roadmap to success, migrating some or all of your tech strategies to the cloud.

Top benefits you get with cloud services:

cloud-services-benefits-reduced-costsReduced Cost: The cost to research, procure, install, configure, and test hardware every 3-5 years can be prohibitive. Secure Networks' cloud services infrastructure allows you to significantly reduce costs by eliminating the hardware refresh cycle.
cloud-services-benefits-deploymentImmediate Deployment: Gone are the days of designing server rooms, configuring racks, and hauling, unpacking, and installing IT equipment. Deploying systems in our cloud infrastructure can completed in a matter of minutes, not weeks or months.
cloud-services-benefits-scalabilitySeamless Scalability: Secure Networks' cloud infrastructure services utilize redundant enterprise-grade servers, storage arrays, network equipment, and virtualization software and can be configured to scale as demand requires.
cloud-services-benefits-availabilityAlways-On Availability: Dead power supplies, failed hard drives, faulty memory, and intermittent hang-ups no longer impact your systems. Secure Networks' IT staff manages the high availability infrastructure to an always-on service level. Request IO’s 100% uptime SLA.
cloud-services-benefits-productivityImprove Productivity and Performance: Enhanced team collaboration and anywhere access will boost productivity. Cloud enhances your ability to work together to solve challenges, all the while managing your data and ensuring its security.
cloud-services-benefits-speedThe Speed You Need: Increase speed and remove latency concerns across all connections and applications. Access to line-of-business applications and workflow tools on demand, from anywhere.

Massachusetts Organizations Trust Secure Networks' Cloud Services Expertise

We get that cloud is more than just another "technology" for your organization. We offer a full spectrum of cloud services and technology consulting to help you implement the right cloud environment for your growth goals, achieve higher levels of productivity and IT security, and keep your costs down.

Our Cloud Strategy and Maintenance Programs Include:


Cloud migration strategy, vendor selection, and roadmap

From cloud readiness assessments to migration planning and migration execution, trust our experts to navigate complex cloud ecosystem selection, cloud optimization, support and maintenance for AWS® and Azure® and GCP® cloud environments.

Cloud Security Enhancements

We protect your cloud computing environments, data and applications against hackers, malware, unauthorized use/access and distributed denial of service (DDOS) attacks with advanced tools and best-in-class security processes.

Continuous maintenance and uptime monitoring

Migrating to the cloud introduces new tasks and processes vital to data security and your bottom line. As part of your Secure Networks cloud maintenance and management program, we will:

  • Scan your systems regularly
  • Assess cloud usage
  • Oversee OS patch management
  • Deploy security hygiene best practices and tools
  • Update and test disaster recovery plans


Industry regulation compliance

It can be challenging for organizations to understand the division of responsibilities regarding regulatory compliance in the cloud. From ISO 27001, SOC 2: Type 1, PCI:DSS, HIPAA and more, we’ll ensure all your cloud-based applications meet industry-specific guidel

Ready to gain clarity around cloud computing for your organization?

1. Complimentary Cloud Assessment

Working alongside your team, we will provide a vendor-neutral analysis based on your unique needs.

2. Expert Migration

Our impartial, IT consulting cloud recommendations will incorporate your goals.

3. Gain Productivity and Security

Easier data access, better collaboration and stronger security 24/7