Boosting Employee Connectivity with Managed IT Services

Boosting Employee Connectivity with Managed IT Services

If you hope that everyone will be back in the office soon and that your lack of remote connectivity can fade into history, I am going to smash that idea. 97% of employees report that they do not want to return to the office full time, placing your managed IT services front and center in your business model.

We have just crossed the one-year anniversary since the business world was pushed into a work-from-home structure. That means it is time for an honest evaluation of how well you are leveraging your IT support and your file-sharing capabilities. Have you created an efficient system that helps your entire team work together smoothly and deliberately? Or does your connectivity remain disjointed and you feel like you are holding on by your fingertips, hoping to get everyone back in the office soon?

With remote capabilities and flexible work likely here to stay, it is time to upgrade your remote processes and your file-sharing capabilities. Your business needs to prepare to thrive remotely.

How to Make File Sharing Work for Your Business

Nearly three-quarters of the workforce expects remote work to be the new normal following the changes enacted due to COVID. Even if your business anticipates permission to return to the office shortly, countless businesses have begun to recognize the value of offering employees some degree of flexibility. That means your makeshift file-sharing strategy needs to upgrade and adapt to a permanent solution.

Rather than having employees use a collective consortium of different file-sharing strategies some using email, others servers and only a few adopting options like Microsoft Teams you need to have a unified, efficient process of using cloud storage.

At Secure Networks, our IT management services will help your business connect with Microsoft 365, including SharePoint, which allows for easy business connectivity and collaboration. If you have not been able to capitalize on the capacities in your Microsoft 365 package, we will help you see what you can accomplish.

What Your Managed IT Services Provider Wants You to Know About Cloud Security

You just want your cybersecurity to work. As your team collaborates from home offices, you want to feel confident that the sensitive information you share remains secure.

Unfortunately, too many businesses assume that their data is secure and give little thought to prioritizing cybersecurity, until they find themselves facing a devastating breach.

All too often businesses work on the assumption that basic spam filters and virus protection on their computers will help them keep out potential threats.

Then, they find themselves facing an attack that has cost them potentially thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours to repair, not to mention consumer trust.

IT support to protect your cloud storage

With our managed IT services, we work to keep our clients’ information secure throughout our entire service portfolio. We use a variety of strategies, including:

  • Multifactor authentication
  • Third-party backup solutions your data is not automatically backed up just because it is stored on the cloud
  • System monitoring
  • Regular updating of security features

Making Your Microsoft 365/Teams Migration

As businesses seek better systems to share their files and work efficiently while remote, an interest in Microsoft 365 has grown.

A common scenario has played out across businesses over the past year.

  • A few employees, with vision and a forward-thinking outlook, dive into exploring technological capabilities that can simplify their lives.
  • They begin to use Microsoft 365, discover its potential for helping them collaborate, and begin to use it among a small pod of co-workers.
  • Although their usage is successful, they lack the understanding and insight needed to manage a rollout of the technology across the company, or even the rest of the department.

As this occurs, time and again, the business connectivity system remains fragmented. Remote workers remain disjointed from each other, trying to balance document collaboration and file sharing across multiple platforms and strategies.

However, this presents a risk for businesses. If the programs are not set up correctly, businesses can end up with documents stored in multiple locations, such as the server, email and Teams. This creates a disorganized system to file information and makes the business more attractive as a cybersecurity risk.

Without streamlined efforts to build business connections and communication, they remain disconnected, which hinders business growth and success.

At Secure Networks, we help businesses smoothly make the transition to Microsoft 365 and provide support and training as they implement their new capabilities.

As a bonus, when businesses make the switch from Office 365 to the more encompassing Microsoft 365, they gain access to more robust security features and tools. In other words, they can improve their collaboration capabilities, while also improving their security in the cloud.

Your Quarterly Review Is Here to Help

Customers of Secure Networks have access to quarterly reviews to chat about their IT needs and concerns. This offers an excellent opportunity to make sure your managed IT services are customized to your needs.

Through your quarterly review, we will work with you to make sure you are taking full advantage of all the features you have access to. If you pay for features that can help your team adapt to remote work and take full advantage of digital capacities, you do not want that investment to go to waste.

Secure Networks: Here to Help You Move Forward

If you want to maximize your file-sharing capabilities and make sure your business has created efficient remote-work processes, reach out for an assessment. Remote work and digital transformation have changed our business world, and it is time to make sure your organization is prepared to thrive.