What Do Managed IT Services and the Summer Olympics Have in Common?

Barring a change of plans, it is looking like the Summer Olympics that were postponed last summer will proceed, opening on July 23, state of emergency or no state of emergency. While some have raised alarm bells, stating that it is too premature to host an event of the magnitude of the Olympics, the International Olympic Committee has put some rigorous measures in place and is moving ahead with the games.

VoIP: The Future of Phone Tech in Managed IT Services

May 11th, 2021 VoIP

Managed IT services will let you seize the future in communication. Between 2010 and 2018, the number of VoIP business phone systems increased dramatically, from 6.2 million to 41.6 million. 

Will your phone service continue to meet your needs in the years to come? 
What Is VoIP Phone Technology and How Does It Work?
Digital technology seems to have emerged everywhere, including our phone lines.

Boosting Employee Connectivity with Managed IT Services

If you hope that everyone will be back in the office soon and that your lack of remote connectivity can fade into history, I am going to smash that idea. 97% of employees report that they do not want to return to the office full time, placing your managed IT services front and center in your business model.

Inefficiencies Are the Least of Your IT Management Problems

Your job title is business manager, business owner or healthcare worker. But we know the real story, you wear so many hats, there isn’t a business card in the world that can name all the functions you handle from day to day. You don’t have time to resolve the normal challenges of your actual job, much less having to try and figure out why your computers won’t talk to each other, your data is missing or your employees are having trouble accessing their files from home.

Get the most out of your new laptop with these tips

Laptops are prized for their small size, manageable weight, and handiness, but they don’t lag behind desktop computers in terms of performance either. Higher-end laptops, in particular, are just as capable of handling heavy apps and complex tasks as their bulkier desktop counterparts.