3 Microsoft Excel tips to master

Every computer user must be well-versed in various office programs, including Microsoft Excel. If you only know a few basic commands, you haven’t fully mastered Excel. Here are a few features that can make your life easier. Pie and Sunburst Charts Everyone knows that bombarding stakeholders with endless numbers and decimal points is the wrong […]

New Office 365 cyberattack on the loose

Phishing scams disguise malicious links and emails as messages from trusted sources. The most recent scam to watch out for almost perfectly imitates a trusted invitation to collaborate through Microsoft SharePoint. It’s a three-step attack that’s easy to avoid if you know how it works.

Perks of using dual monitors

If your like most people you may be a little nervous with the idea of using dual monitors at your desk. But working with two screens provides ways to work more productively. Let’s look at some of the main reasons why your desktop should be upgraded to two monitors.

Time-saving tips for Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word remains one of the most popular and user-friendly apps for business. It is compatible with both Windows and Mac and can be used to create a wide array of business documents. While millions of people use Word every day, most don’t know how to maximize its potential.

Security tips for Office 365 migration

Making the decision to switch from an on-site server to cloud-based Office 365 is easy. The migration process itself, however, may presents security challenges. By covering these essentials, you’ll minimize security breaches and ensure you can enjoy the benefits of Office 365. Identify your company’s sensitive data… Most files housed within your servers contain sensitive commercial and personal […]

IT policies to protect your business

Employees are one of your biggest security holes. There is no foolproof prevention method for human error, which is why employee mistakes are one of the most common causes of a security breach. To reduce potential risks, we’ve suggested a few IT policies you should implement to protect your business.

Things to consider when buying a new computer

Tech items like new computers are likely to be among the most popular gifts for your loved ones. But there are so many different computers out there that finding the perfect one can be difficult. We’ve outlined some tips that will help you understand more about computer parts and how to make the right choice.

Chrome to mark HTTP as ‘not secure’

Google Chrome currently marks all HTTPS-encrypted sites with a green lock icon and “Secure” sign. But starting in July, Chrome will mark all HTTP sites as “not secure.” Google hopes this move will nudge users away from unencrypted web sites. Read on to learn more about the forthcoming changes.

The dangers of distributed spam distraction

Users get around 200 emails in their inbox a day, which includes, everyone’s least favorite email, spam. Spam messages are mostly harmless, but when you get more than 10,000 at one time, you’re probably the victim of a distributed spam distraction. Understanding DSD Distributed Spam Distraction (DSD) is designed to flood your inbox with thousands […]