8 Reasons You Should Outsource IT Support

8 Reasons You Should Outsource IT Support

Your business has remained steady through the summer and fall, but you are still cautious about making any big investments. You want to conduct operations in a cost-effective and efficient manner, but your IT issues are driving you mad. Staff at home can’t connect to network files, computers in one room can’t talk to computers in another room and employees are using their cell phones for sending emails. Is dealing with these problems the best use of your time? The reality is no.

At Secure Networks, we understand you are frustrated with the entire business environment, but your IT is something easily remedied with our managed IT services and a flat, monthly budget. Here are 8 reasons why you should outsource your IT headaches.

1.    Reduce Costs

Old, outdated software keeps you from optimum performance, which adds an hourly cost to your bottom line. When employees are forced to use work-arounds that take twice as long as seamless integrated solutions, hidden costs of lost productivity rise without you even realizing it.


Hire an in-house IT techie and you are looking at a minimum $50,000 salary plus benefits and office space. You have additional costs for constant training, certifications and keeping up with technology advancements.


Hardware ages over time and will stop working. You preserve cash flow by having a replacement plan in place that rotates equipment on a staggered plan.


Software licensing costs can be reduced by using seamless, integrated software solutions. If your software programs don’t play nice with each other, if they don’t work from home offices or if they require work-arounds to finish the job, your operational costs are going up.

Secure Networks provides IT services for your team on a flat, monthly cost basis. Budgeting is simpler, help desk support is easily accessible and wasted resources are minimized.

2.    Use Only What You Need

The right IT solution for you might be something that is easily scaled up or down. When you have employee fluctuations, things can slip through the cracks, like passwords not getting changed, access not getting removed and hardware not getting returned. Secure Networks encourages clients to take advantage of cloud-based IT solutions to provide the flexibility and cost reductions of not having equipment on site.

3.    Data Backup and Recovery

One huge benefit from outsourcing your IT support is having a dedicated backup and recovery plan. When one team is monitoring to ensure your backups are getting implemented, your system health is intact and your endpoints are secure, you can be confident that an entire category of stress is off your shoulders. Secure Networks provides business continuity plans for maximizing data recovery by using two separate off-site data centers. The result is a complete fail-safe for your data.

4.    Prevent Cyberattacks

There is a right way and a wrong way to protect your systems from cyberattacks. You might think you are protected, but after a breach, you realize you had a minimal level of security in place and dozens of risky end points. At Secure Networks, you get enterprise-level cybersecurity protection at a fraction of the cost.

5.    Technology Expertise

When technology changes rapidly, you don’t have the time to investigate IT issues, learn new integration platforms or research new security protocols. Outsourcing your IT needs means you can continue to learn and advance your knowledge of your own industry while the IT experts do the same in their industry. Secure Networks’ technology consulting gives you a 30,000-foot view plus the pros and cons of different hardware and software tools to fix your IT problems.

6.    Your Current IT Guy Is Overwhelmed

The amount of IT tasks we’ve faced this year has grown exponentially. Remote workers, online payments, personal cell phones for work email and video conferencing demands have rocked the business world, and the IT staff in place are completely overwhelmed. Secure Networks clients have the luxury of 3 separate support legs:

  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Dedicated Technical Manager
  • 24/7 Support Team with guaranteed 20-minute response

7.    Training

Your data security is only as good as the humans using it. When your employees aren’t trained on how to spot phishing emails, how to change passwords and what apps are dangerous to download, your IT system is vulnerable. Secure Networks offers training as a way to help leverage the absolute best practices for your team. With company-specific scenarios to explain how all of your software integrates, how to use it efficiently and what happens when security protocols aren’t adhered to, your culture will begin to enjoy technology.

8.    Planning

You might be accustomed to strategic business planning, but not know all the options available to you for building a sustainable IT infrastructure for future growth. Between integrations, security advancements, threat testing and office productivity tools, there are dozens of options that will take your business to the next level. Secure Networks is well known for building comprehensive 3-year IT management plans by getting vested in your success. Recommendations are based on your unique requirements and custom designed for reducing headaches while being smart about investments.

When you outsource IT support, you are a step closer to being the competitively advanced company you strive to be. You advance your objectives by being lean, efficient and protected. Employees begin using the tools for better communication, better processes and better client performance. Clients appreciate your advanced security protocols and learn by example how to manage encryption, big data sets and high-level performance efficiency.

The days of relying on bare minimums, work-arounds or outdated hardware are over. If you continue to manage your own IT, you are not only missing best practices and the most advanced techniques and tools, but you are more vulnerable to risk, loss and damage. One business email can take down your operations for days, causing severe financial, emotional and reputation damages.

The very best action you can take right now is to get ahold of Secure Networks for a free assessment of your IT system. We’ll analyze your business operations, identify weaknesses and inefficiencies and build you a 3-year strategic IT plan with the best practices and tools available today. Call us at (508) 433-3477or schedule an assessment.