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5 Must-Haves from a True IT Support Partner

Everyone at your company is working remotely, your IT problems are increasing and you are unhappy with your current provider. Now what? You need to find a true partner for IT management, one who is invested in your success, committed to your business and a reliable support resource.

We know how frustrating it is to have so many additional IT problems from everyone working remotely. Files are harder to access, emails are not getting delivered, and you don’t know if anything is actually secure.

As you look for an IT solutions provider who truly focuses on your company, here are 5 critical factors to look for.


The support desk is your lifeline to sanity when laptops crash, software stops connecting and communications fall apart. You want to be able to call and explain the problem and know that the tech person you are talking to understands the problem and will resolve the problem quickly and efficiently.

At Secure Networks, we have a multifaceted help desk for every situation. You can call and talk to a technical engineer at any time to get immediate feedback and solutions. You can also submit a support ticket, and we guarantee you’ll hear from us within 20 minutes. Getting the IT support you need as quickly as possible is our No. 1 goal as cybersecurity threats increase.


When your IT services are handled by one guy and he keeps coming to the office but still hasn’t fixed the problem, an IT team with skills to resolve your issues is what you need. A skilled team is better equipped to handle your issues with the right solutions for the situation.

Our team provides your business with a true, vested partner in your growth. When you combine the vast expertise of our technical engineers with the speed and urgency of our help desk, you have a powerful combination. You will feel like we are all part of your business.


Your business has a unique framework, a variety of workflows and specific software that make your operations possible. How frustrating is it to have to explain your IT architecture every time a new tech visits your office? Your data security is too critical for this inefficient and costly method.

With Secure Networks, you get a dedicated technical account manager who works with you over time to implement, maintain and problem-solve your entire IT structure. Your tech will get to know your business, your operations and your employees providing you reliability and efficiency from your managed IT services.


When you feel like just another random customer from your IT service provider and aren’t going through your maintenance regularly, you might be wondering what they are even doing from month-to-month. It’s not necessarily that you are being ignored, it’s just you aren’t exactly sure what you are paying for.

Having a dedicated account manager, like at Secure Networks, gives you that connection to an individual who will consistently walk you through every detail of your program. We’ll tell you what is happening in the background when things are running smoothly in addition to what issues arose and what was done to fix them when things break. We have a proactive philosophy and ask the right questions to be prepared before an issue arises.


A standard IT plan will include basics like how many workstations are included, what access do employees need, how often backups will be performed and other purely tactical items. It is important to start somewhere and having, at the very least, a standard plan is necessary.

Our strategic 3-year plan is so comprehensive, you’ll feel like we are your true partner. We purposely do a deep dive into your business goals, operational details and company vision to map out a framework of strategic objectives, action steps and timelines. Various scenarios are flushed out, and we add expert input to help you allocate resources in the best way possible.

When you look for these 5 critical factors in your next IT service provider, you will be better equipped for improved efficiency, more productivity, happier employees and satisfied customers. Secure Networks is ready to be your IT service provider and implement solutions for your business benefit.

Want to learn more? Give us a call at 508.418.3245 to schedule a free evaluation of your current IT structure. Or, contact us online, and we’ll reach out to you to discuss your needs.