Instagram followers to buyers

Instagram followers to buyers

Instagram has become one of the most popular social networks to date. One billion active users consume its image-heavy content every day. Aside from it being a photo-sharing app with fun filters, Instagram has demonstrated its capability to turn your followers into customers. Make the most out of your Instagram account with these practical tips.

Ensure your posts are shoppable

This simply means providing a convenient path where your followers can buy the products posted on your page. With the right Instagram tool, you can direct users to your online shop where they can make an actual purchase. Arguably, not the best  platform to use if you depend on clickable media, but if you know how to tweak it to your advantage you can turn likes into sales.

Give away discount codes or coupons

Encourage followers to engage with you and share content with incentives such as discount codes or coupons. Run contests with an interesting concept, cool prizes, and a sharing or voting element that encourages participants to share your content. Better yet, engage followers with user-generated content via photo contests, resulting in free promotion for your brand.

Come up with a strong call to action (CTA)

Instagram doesn’t exactly have the most mobile-friendly CTAs, but don’t let that stop you. Whether it’s telling them to go to the link in your bio or simply adding a shoppable Instagram feature. Specific instructions on how to buy or learn about your product can spell the difference between making a sale and being ignored.

Post frequently and make the most of all available tools

Post photos using stylish filters, create snappy and quirky videos, or let your followers take a friendly behind-the-scenes peek tour using the Stories feature. Come up with a catchy and relatable caption that engages and encourages participation. Also important: always use hashtags. Any Instagrammer worth his or her salt knows that a simple hashtag can allow other users to reach your content and, ultimately, buy your product.

Repost Instagram content from brands in your niche

There may be instances when you won’t need to create your own Instagram content. Other accounts may already be successful in their efforts, and there’s nothing wrong with reposting content from similar brands as part of your strategy, as long as you ask permission and give credit.

Search for brands in Instagram that inspire you and your target audience but are not direct competitors. You can use hashtags to help narrow the search and display the most relevant accounts. Follow these brands, and save any share-worthy posts in a collection with the bookmark icon.

When you find an Instagram post that is worth sharing, either comment on the post or s private message the account, and mention that you like the content and you think your followers will enjoy it too. Ask for permission to share the post on your feed, and assure the owner you’ll give them proper credit.

With some creativity, visual flair, and  strategy, these tips can help transform your Instagram feed into an online sales generator.

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