15 Yummy Facts About Oreos

15 Yummy Facts About Oreos

You’re probably wondering why an MSP is blogging about Oreos? What in the world does a cookie have to do with IT? Well, with the newest version of Android being called Android Oreo, we felt compelled to give you some fun facts about the cookie that now has its own operating system and their shared similarities. Besides, there are some in our office who are addicted to these little guys, and it has become our goal to try every new flavor that comes out. But back to the similarities.

Hydrox is not an Oreo rip off

Hydrox cookies debuted in 1908 - four years before the first Oreo landed on store shelves. We can hear all the Oreo lover’s hearts breaking right now. Sorry guys.

Android Inc. was founded in Palo Alto, California, in October of 2001 by Andy Rubin, Rich Miner, Nick Sears, and Chris White. Each Android operating system has been named alphabetical and after a sweet treat. Previous versions were called Cupcake, Donut, and Éclair.

Double-Stuff is not exactly true

As a high school math class in upstate New York discovered. They found that the double stuff version of the cookie is only 1.86 times bigger than regular Oreos. Though, a spokesperson for the cookie disputes this finding and insist that they do indeed contain “double the stuff.”  Uh-huh.

Android Oreo, is indeed packed with twice as many features, such as, 2x faster boot up, picture - in - picture to allow you to see two apps at once, 60 new emojis and more. You can see a full list of features here.

Oreo Cereal was a thing

From 1998 to 2007 Oreo had its own cereal called Oreo O's. Although Oreo O's were discontinued here in the States, its popularity has endured. A quick Google search will turn up several Oreo O’s support groups all clamoring for the cereal to make a comeback.

Similarly, Android use to have devices with hard keyboards attached, think (Blackberry) but as tech evolved, the need for a physical keyboard died. But like the dedicated masses petitioning for Oreo O’s, there is still a rabid group of fans clamoring for the physical keyboard to make a come back. The good news for them is that you can find attachments for smartphones that act as both a case and a slide-out keyboard.

Do you love to dip

Then we have some great news. There's a unique tool just for you milk dunkers, called “The Dipr.” This hook-like utensil is perfectly designed to carefully snuggle a single Oreo, and allow you to dip without muss. Or you could always just stick a fork in the cream part. Innovation, folks.

Of course, Android has an easy tool as well. This one for charging. As Android users know, wireless charging has been supported by Android for quite a while. The Android Oreo is no different. Simply, purchase a base charger at your local electronics store, place your phone on the base before bed, and by morning you have a fully charged device.

Pigs Hate Oreos

We can thank Ben & Jerry’s for this discovery. In 1985 the ice cream giants started giving their milky water waste to a local pig farmer. The farmer reported back that his hogs loved every flavor except for the Mint with Oreo Cookies. I guess every man (hog) has his limits.

While we couldn’t find any facts regarding pigs and Androids, we’re sure some hog somewhere have chowed down on an Android at some point. Keep your Android Oreos close, people!

Oreos look different in China

When America’s beloved Round Oreo was first introduced in China in 1996, the Chinese people hated it. After some tinkering with the recipe, adding new shapes, and flavors, and creating new ads Kraft came up with an Oreo that looks nothing like the one we know, but that the Chinese love. The Chinese version is a tube-shaped treat with four layers of wafers and vanilla and chocolate cream filling. In 2006 the wafer became the bestselling biscuit in China, and Kraft went on to sell the redesigned Oreo in Asia, Australia, and Canada.

Likewise,  Android operating systems are installed on smartphones around the world. Including on many worldwide brands not seen here in the United States include Wiko from France, Chinese developer Huawei, or even Sony’s Japanese Mobile Company.

Oreo Cream is excellent for art

Artists Tisha Cherry uses food to make art, and Oreos are one of the staples for her incredible tiny pieces. She uses novelty Oreo cookies and toothpicks as her tools, and her Instagram offers everything from an Oreo take on "American Gothic" to "Oreo-d Frida Kahlo."

Speaking of art, Android Oreo icons support visual effects that can be displayed in a variety of shapes on different devices.

What’s in a name

Oreo has gone through several name change over the years. From the original name of “Oreo Biscuits,” to “Oreo Sandwich,” to “Oreo Cream Sandwich,” and even “Oreo Chocolate Sandwich Cookie” in the 1970’s. Oddly, where the name Oreo itself comes from is still a mystery. Speculation is that the word “Oreo” might come from the French word for gold, which was the same color of Oreo's original packaging, but no one knows for sure.

The world’s best-selling cookie

Over 450 billion, yes billion with a “B” Oreo cookies have been sold since their debut in 1912. Some flavors from around the world include Green Tea Ice Cream, Dulce de Leche, Blueberry Ice Cream, Raspberry/Blueberry, and Orange.

Since 2013, Android is the highest selling overall operating system worldwide.

Lemon meringue was an original flavor

Although they stopped producing the flavor in the 1920’s Oreo has continued to branch out into flavor world. Their more unique offerings include Banana Split Cream, Candy Corn, Coconut Fudge, Cookie Butter, Hot Coca, Watermelon, Apple Pie, to name a few.

If Android keeps following their sweet pattern of naming. The next operating system will be called Peppermint Patty?

Oreos have a built-in personality test.

The way you eat an Oreo might say more about your personality than you think. In 2004, Kraft Foods surveyed 2000 Oreo fans and found that dunkers tended to be more energetic, adventurous, and social; biters are easy-going, self-confident, and optimistic; while twisters are sensitive, emotional, artistic and trendy. Which are you?

Unfortunately, there's no data on the personality differences between Android and iPhone users. Though we’ve all seen the memes...wonder if they're true?

They meet certain dietary standard

While no one would consider Oreos a diet food, they are supposed to be completely vegan (though there is sometimes cross contact with milk during production, buyer beware). And while the original Oreo recipe did contain pig lard (maybe that's why the hogs were so put off), Oreo’s official became kosher in 1997.

Sadly, Android Oreo is not food, and we do not recommend you eat your cell phone.

Oreo knows how to party

For its 100th Birthday, Oreo unveiled its limited edition Birthday Cake Oreo complete with cake-flavored filling and sprinkles.

Android also knows how to party hard. With every new operating system they release, Android erects a new statue in its honor. You can check out Android statues here.

The Big Stuff

Big stuff Oreos landed on the scene in 1984, and the world has never been the same. Ten times bigger than a regular Oreo these guys were a huge hit. Oreo discontinued making the big guys in 1991, and the morning continues to this day. Perhaps even more important then the cookie was its advertising campaign which you can still find on YouTube to this day.