Secure Networks personnel are great! They always help us with our email issued. Thank so much

Boston Show Services
10/9/2014 - Ticket # 246751

Brian was extremely helpful. Transitions is a separate entity from Latham centers and pays Latham for me to do their bookkeeping twice a month. So it is critical that I am able to remotely access my desktop from Transitions. Everything got resolved quickly, so I am very greatful.

Latham Centers
10/3/2014 - Ticket #245167

Quick and painless

Environmental Operating Solutions
10/2/2014 - Ticket #245177

Josh always fixes the problem and helps me so I can learn from my mistakes or the computer's difficulties.

YMCA Cape Cod
10/6/2014 - Ticket #246164

Josh did a great job in finding my mistake promptly. Might mention that this survey went into my Spam file.

10/2/2014 - Ticket #245182

Secure Networks ALWAYS keeps us happy around here!

YMCA Cape Cod
10/1/2014 - Ticket #244523

Very prompt response.

YMCA Cape Cod
10/3/2014 - Ticket #245448

You're the best--I wouldn't hesitate to have you help me problem-solve again. I was weighed down with trying to figure the Word dilemma out and wasted time leads to frustration as work backs up. I didn't think that it was exactly what you do for us but knew that a kind ear would be at the other end of my line at Secure Biz. Thanks again. Mary Ann

10/2/2014 - Ticket #245190